Earth Cries

May 16, 2008
By Reina Pena, Hollywood, FL

Cold nights,
Rainy days,
The sound of raindrops hitting my window shade
Sounding of crying pain
From Eart who dies a little more everyday
Dying slowly
From the global warming
That burns Earth lungs
And heats up early mornings
People complain its too hot
But what they don't do is make it stop
Stop the ozone hole form increasing
Stop the water in lakes and rivers from decreasing
Stop oil from drenching animals and dying
Earth is what is keeping us alive
But all we're doing is destroying it's life
So don't complain
Because we're the ones burning octaine
Letting poisonous gas fill Earth's membrane
Glaciers melt
countries sink
trees burning
So stop what you are doing right now and listen closely
Can you hear the wind blow
can you hear the waves crash
Can you hear the mountains collapse
Can you hear Earth screaming
Help me!

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