A Lone Solider Stands

March 21, 2010
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A woman and her child wait hand in hand
He wants to go home; he wishes for this hell to end
All they wish for is to see his face again
Months pass, on a battle field he lets out his final breath
On a kitchen floor lays a letter that tells of a soldier's death
Is this the price we must pay?
Is this the only way we can feel safe in the day?
A daughter without a father
A wife without a husband
A mother without a son
Is this the way it must be done?
Must this be the price of peace?
War the black-hearted beast
It is said to bring glory, but all it really brings is grief
This is my belief
Half-mast flags flying solemnly in the wind

Crying families wondering if they can ever be happy again
Does freedom need a body count?
Does no one else feel this doubt?
A lone soldier stands ready to fight
His family is at home praying for his life
He never comes home; in a foreign country he meets his end
Isn't sadness all war really is?

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