Bunch of lies with a side of tears

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Heart beating fast
Eyes swelling up with tears
Your body starts trembling
1 million thoughts racing through your brain
Emotions exchange position faster then you can speak
Romance, love, and joy leave
While hate, sadness, and rage fill your heart
You can’t decide whether you should scream and yell or just run and cry
Finally, you turn your back to him and run
Without looking back, you just run as fast as you can
Feet barely touching the sidewalk
Your running so fast that the tears that fell from your eyes that were running down your cheeks are now sliding off your face leaving a trail of moisture behind that dries faster then water on a hot frying pan
You have no clue where your running all you know is where you don’t want to run
You wish you had someone to run to, someone who would hold you day and night, rain shine
You run through the woods for minutes…
Then you stop and put your back against a cold old tree
You thoughts trying to catch up with your head
You pound your fists on the ground still crying
You watch as a tear falls from your eyes and hits one of the leaves on the cold, wet ground
You watch as the sun hit the tear drop making it glisten in the sun
Finally, you see the teardrop that fell from your eyes fade into the leaf making it a part of that leaf.

To be continued….

The author's comments:
I wrote this actually on my Ipod Touch at first, then I showed it to my family and some of my friends and they absolutely adored it. I want all the comments and reviews I can get. Thank you everybody :)

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