Isolated Eyes

March 24, 2010
By mysterygirl SILVER, Clare, Michigan
mysterygirl SILVER, Clare, Michigan
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isolated eyes
what does it mean
is it a way of seeing
or a way to be

is it two eyes
or are there more
can you see only some thing
or everything like open doors

is it made up
or is it a truth
because I was lied to
many times in my youth

I've heard it as a good thing
I've heard it as bad
I've heard of the one who has them
beware of that man

I believe I have found him
of whom I hate so much
he knows everything about you
but you cannot trust

He doesn't want to listen
he just wants to hear
he wants to see your pain
and make you fear

but my eyes are stronger
he won't be let through
I promise I hate him
but I'm not sure if thats 100% true

the isolated eyes he has
are not real
with them he sees right through you
and sees how you feel

The author's comments:
Let this person go... he isn't worth your time.

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