March 24, 2010
By Anonymous

He only hits till I cry
And that’s the only time he ever stops by
He’s a drunken man
All I ever see is the back of his hand
He doesn’t care how I feel
Everything he does is unreal
I don’t see him for long periods of time
Except when I watch the T.V. and their talking about his latest crime
It makes me want to die
And it hurts me on the inside
People say it’s a shame
That I have to share his last name
I tell people I’m ok
But they probably don’t care anyway
It makes me feel so alone
When I’m the only one at home
He leaves me with my crazy aunt
I want to go out and play but can’t
Daddy brought me home today
I had been at the hospital for a stay
I keep having flashbacks from that night
It was the first time I tried to fight
The police got a report from my friend
She was wondering where I had been
My daddy found out from the news
That someone told I was abused
The police came to take me away
But daddy said I had to stay
He even brought out the gun
And told the police he would kill someone
Once they got him under control
He tried to find a loophole
They said I would have a new mommy and daddy
Along with a sister named Maddie.
Now I know where I need to be
It’s right here with my new family.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my English class. I had the topic of a child who is abused. The title is the name of the girl being abused.

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