Ode to My Quran.

March 15, 2010
By s.fierce BRONZE, Houston, Texas
s.fierce BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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The joy that comes from my heart,
The love I feel for my God
When I read this Holy book
Is something that words cannot explain.
Glossy, gold Arabic writing
Surrounded with spirited green
And sodden brown to fill up the gaps
Makes up what covers in between.
What covers in between,
Is simply just the cherry
On top of the whole sundae itself.
The black and white inside
Is the rich
Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry
Ice-cream mixed together,
To make up something truly extaordinary.
The black and white insides
Are the place I go
I am lost.
They bring me back
To whom I really am
With its magical words.
The words speak to me
In a powerful, yet loving way.
Ironic it is most,
My ears do not understand
The beautiful language of Arabic,
But my heart
And this Holy Book called The Qu'ran
Are covalently bonded
for eternity.

The author's comments:
My religion Islam encouraged me to write this ode. Islam is more than a religion, it's a way of life. What America has heard about Islam is all wrong. Islam does NOT teach violence and terrorism it's actually against it. The Quran is Islam's holy book. Any quran around the whole world is the exact same. It's amazing that for over hundreds of years not a word in the Quran has changed and hopfully it never will.

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