March 6, 2010
By RoseRedWinter101 BRONZE, Evans, Colorado
RoseRedWinter101 BRONZE, Evans, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Degenerates are not always criminals, anarchists, and pronounced lunatics; They are often authors and artists."

-Max Nordan, Degeneration

This is not true
this is not false
it's not real
yet every page has a pulse
if words can describe
all the feelings i have inside
I don't want to write them.

All the things they call me
all the tears i have shed
have been in vain
that's not the way my life will be led.

They tell me I'm ungrateful
full of spite
but how else am I supposed to act
if that's how you treat me

The words within
the words without meaning
lulled me into a state of dreaming
from which I can't awaken.

They tell me it's guys who keep it bottled up
girls talk about it and cry
I don't.

I'm not gifted
or talented in fact
I'm not bright
I'm not dull
I'm not sure what i'm doing

Darkness doesn't come close
light isn't quite vacant
if magic was real
it would shy away from this void.

This is not true
this is not false
it's not real
yet every page has a pulse.

The author's comments:
I wrote this late at night a few months ago. I'm trying to figure out how it would apply to others, but for now, it just means a whole lot to me.

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