March 5, 2010
I really don’t look forward to taking this math test,
Oh look a cute little squirrel, climbing to it’s nest.
How convenient it was that this tree grew by the school window,
Wow, was Ray Torris blabbing again about Nintendo?
Okay, question one…2x + 1 = 3,
Did x equal 2? No that simply couldn’t be.
Ooo, another squirrel,
This one had to be the girl,
Ah, my dear Johnny boy, the boyfriend of my dreams,
Before the test he told me, “Just focus.” I wonder what that means?
Right. Back to problem one, oh no!
Just ten more minutes in class to go!
But there are twenty problems on the test,
I’d never finish all the rest.
Gross. Did Sam just pick his nose?
Like I shouldn’t expect him to pull one of those.
He was pretty gross…never washed his hair,
It’s no wonder everyone acted like he was never there.
Poor kid…oh well, I had bigger problems here,
Like how was I to get over my test taking fear?
Those little squirrels are fiesty, and eagerly persistent,
Did Johnny really think that I could be a good Surgeon’s Assistant?
I mean I’m really focused and I consentrate hard,
Sometimes he acted like my brain was made of lard.
I just don’t understand math, or science, or English,
I glanced up at the clock and heard it’s threatening tock tick.
Or was it tick tock? I didn’t really know,
And soon my panicked expression began to slowly show.
I’m sure I was sweating and my face began to frown,
I began to hyperventilate as I finally looked down.
I was still on problem one with thirty seconds left to go,
Would I graduate high school? Would the squirrels hook up? The world may never know.

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