I am just an Ant

March 1, 2010
By , new city, NY
I am just an ant,
Roaming the fields with an empty tummy,
Always looked but couldn’t find food.
I craved anything that’s said to be yummy,
I had to steal although it was rude.

I am just an ant.
A warrior losing a brutal war,
The more powerful red ones we fight.
Always seeing my own on the floor,
Trying to carry them with all my might.

I am just an ant.
Scattering from a man more cruel,
Who tries to squash me, burn, or drown.
I run away not looking for a duel,
Looking for a haven as they chase me around.

I am just an ant.
We group in numbers to carry things,
Takes the strength of more than one.
In swarms we are carrying crumbs and wings,
But for danger, we drop our prize and run.

I am just an ant.
In a world meant for a bigger being,
However we try our hardest when it seems we can’t.
Whether in a fight, in search, or while fleeing,
I am proud to be just an ant.

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