February 28, 2010
By katieholden SILVER, Rochester, Massachusetts
katieholden SILVER, Rochester, Massachusetts
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She’s everything I shy away from, too bright to watch for long
I cannot bear her sheltered mind, her vanity is strong
Her silky voice it burns my ears, her laugh it makes me cringe
I hate the way she bats her eyes, my nerves begin to singe

His arrogance is palpable; his pride will make you sick
Those eyes lie more than tell the truth, he’s nothing but a trick
He’s selfish, thinks he’s always right, though never has a clue
You think you’re funny when you’re not, I want to strangle you 

A misleading little know-it-all, of her I wish I could be free
So innocent and childish you should know you sicken me!
I clench my fists and stifle rage whenever you are near
You think you’re better than me don’t you? Well you’re just plain wrong my dear

You cocky, unrefined, little boy who talks too much
I grit my teeth quite bored of your sarcastic little touch
You’re nothing I would ever want it’s obvious you see
Who cares if I love the way he smiles? We were never meant to be...

You irrationally twisted, flirtatious little thing
My disdain remains despite your blush and that beauty as you sing
She’s everything I hate and more, some day they’ll all discover
She’s not as perfect as she seems, yet somehow I still love her

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