February 26, 2010
i am unwritten - my thouqhts & wordss aree unspokenn
i cant be defined as anythinn ;
my world shinessss in black & whitee
i dunn see colors
my dreams are betta than realityy ;*
i promiseee all peoplee aree my enemiess
im alonee on thiss lonq roadd
emotionss aree deadd ;
my heart beats sloww
budd i playy thiss like its an easyy roleee
& i think i qot this in control .
i speakk not of hatee ;
bud outta confusionn
this lifee is such a delusionn
im fromm cleveland where they neva qo liqhtlyy
run with a click of cold killaa juss likee me
im addicted to this lifee
& i kill all my pain with a knifee
lies are the only thinq im told
its like my heart turned cold
my soul is not protected
i need somethinn new to be elected

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