February 25, 2010
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I am not an open book
I have a closed cover
In order to take a look
You must get past the layers
Pain, betrayal, love and fear
Heartbroken, guilt, tears and tears
I have been living without them throughout the years
Pain is the toughest layer
Because I have felt so much
I order to get through it
You must first earn my trust
Betrayal is next, but not so deep
For I have not been betrayed heaps and heaps
Love is the shallowest of them all
For I only had one love and he let me fall
So next comes fear, very deep
I’m afraid to move, afraid to speak
Then comes heartbroken, next to the toughest
I have only been once, but it hurt so much
It pulled me apart, piece by piece
Guilt is next, also shallow
I do have guilt, but I can swallow
The feeling of it is not so strong
Nothing I can’t admit all along
The last layer of my closed cover
Is that of my tears, and none other
Tears I have cried many times
Because of the words in this rhyme
Once you have broken through my cover of seven
You may see me, but I am not sure
Because I have only broke through four

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