February 25, 2010
By , Bethel, AK
Right now im livin a f***ed life
i wanna give up and take a knife
but everytime i think bout Justice
I wanna move on to see if i'll be with Justice

Im gonna try and see if i'll be wit her
but if that wont happen then lifes a blurr
everytime i love someone it wont matter ne more
my life is f***ed up and my heart is so sore

I'm tired of waitin for my one true love
i'm tired of hearin voices from above
I'm tired of thinkin that im in love
when they hate me, i'd say 'f*** love!'

Everytime i think they hate me i'd cry
i'd cut myself and wish i could die
but thinkin bout death makes me wanna stay alive
cuz im gonna keep waitin for love, thats not a lie!

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