Justice ^_^

February 25, 2010
I really wish u were here wit me
u probably dont believe me
for reals, i really wish u were here
i also wanna be ur teddy bear

u could hold me, sqeeze me, n tear me apart
but its ok, cuz u'll stay in my heart
loike other ppl still in my heart, u see
they'll be in me, just like u will be in me

even if they got me mad they still inside
u'll be in my heart until i die
my wish would be to be wit u
everyword im sayin r true

maybe u dont care that im writin this poem
but when i write bout u, i feel at home
i searched for rhymes to make this poem right
i tried so hard to make sense all night

i know this poem dont make sense
but i tried to make it make sense
lol this poem is only bout u
thinkin bout u, gives me somethin to do

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