Nighttime Lullaby

February 24, 2010
By , Sarasota, FL
The strength of words is heavier then reason.
The heartache we feel is growing more each day.
Fighting and wars leave an endless rainy season.
Our hearts and our souls in complete disarray.

The impact of our actions creates a dark piece of art.
The power of emotion is the greatest force of all.
The ferocity of anger can rip us apart.
No more defenses when our backs are against the wall.

The tears we shed, always dripping down our cheeks.
Any strength we once had is far away and long gone.
The fire inside us has been flameless for weeks.
Sleep finally arrives, when the sun reveals the dawn.

Insomnia contributes to the ever growing pain.
Our heartbeats can be heard everywhere we go.
There’s an escalating need to scream out in the rain.
Every moment we worry is more time that we’ll owe.

The new day only brings more troubles and worries.
Severing ties might be the hardest thing to do.
The cold win burns our cheeks as it comes in a flurry.
Maybe some things just aren’t worth it to pursue.

Through the colors of chaos comes a small little voice.
One that easily breaks through the impenetrable force.
Mom, dad, I know you’ve made your choice.
But I can’t survive another second of this divorce.

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