The First Year of Bike Riding

February 24, 2010
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In Cambridge, England on a bright spring day,
A rare day of sun, yet the sky still grey.
Across the street and up the hill
To the top of Hartford where all was still.
A girl with her mother by her side
Holding her bike, ready to ride.
With just one push the bike went flying,
And after one fall, the mother was sighing.
9 For the tears that flowed were like a waterfall,
So many so quickly, from a person so small.

Off to school the little girl went,
Her cuts were gone, but her pride was bent.
If only there was a person to try
To help her ride and let her fly!
Her teacher told her to ride on the grass
And so, to Jesus Green went the lass.

Without the fear of hitting the ground
She rode her bike without a sound.
But then suddenly a rock was in her way
And then her body started to sway!
The grass so moist from the fallen rain
Was like a soft bed and eased the pain.
No longer afraid, she stood quite strong,
Got back on her bike and was riding before long.
The smile on her face was a ray of sun
No time to fret, for the fun had begun.

For the next few weeks she rode to school,
Feeling no longer like a fool.
Like everybody else, she now could ride
There was no reason to continue to hide
Soaring and sprinting across the streets,
Stopping only to buy some sweets.

Flying! Following the fleeing birds,
Across The field and through the herd,
Of brown cows that covered the field like dust,
Making the field look like a field of rust.
The trees were a fence surrounding the field,
When they blocked the sunshine, they were a shield.
All through the day she kept up her pace,
Making it so she would win the race
Against her parents who rode by her side
Making sure that with trees she did not collide.
Fen Ditton that day was their destination,
Roughly 3.5 miles from their current location.

At Fen Ditton they found a zip line so long,
It caused the father to sing a short song.
The trees joined in and whistled, as well
With the wind in their leaves, a story they did tell
Several rides on the zip line finished their trip
The girl so happy her stomach did a flip.
And so they commenced their long ride home
Taking some time to wander and roam.

That was the story of one little girl
Who turned her bike from a clam to a pearl
With the pure joy she gave it from riding it often
The wheels were worn out and the seat had been softened.
But no matter its faded color
Or lack of great gorgeous glamour,
She never forgot how it was before.
When she rode it fast and opened the door
To a whole new world where she could now stay
Never to leave or go away.

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soletmar said...
Mar. 8, 2010 at 5:22 pm
I love this!! The ryhmes are so sweet and even though its a quick breezy story, there is a much deeper meaning behind it. Great job!
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