High School, a Much Higher Learning

February 24, 2010
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If its one thing high school teaches you, it’s that you truly are alone.
Your best friend wouldn’t even trade his fries for you and once you realize
Everybody, especially friends, tells half truths and whole lies boldly
All while penetrating their fabrications into your eyes; you’ll see your love
And faith should remain in you. Nothing these days ceases to amaze
My eyes. I’ve seen beautiful people do the ugliest of things & ending

Up still in the same place they were trying to avoid. At the end
Of the day, I close out all outside ruckus so I’m left completely alone
Squandering in my own thoughts. I’ve grown and become this amazing
Person on the inside. But high school has helped me to realize
And understand not everyone has your best interest at heart and love
Is a word that’s thrown around and almost no high schooler is bold

Enough to mean it in the way it should be meant. The bolder
The person the more they end up with their heart broken in the end
Because they were the brave ones that had what it took to love
Someone completely and that coward of a person left them alone.
Friendships are over at the sound of the bell because people realize
People they thought were so awesome turned out not to be as amazing

As they assumed and the people with the most hurt are the most amazed
By the cowards’ false sense of security and they feel like they’re bold
Enough to have the courage to fake their lives. We come to this realization
Or revelation of some kind that all are not created equal because at the end
Of the class period the losers and the loners who sat in the back, alone
Are just that when they walk through the high school hallways lacking the love

They silently crave. By senior year I hope those losers and misfits realize
They’re winners come graduation because they were brave enough to love
Themselves and stay true to who they were instead of giving in and ending
Up a carbon copy of the so called celebrities with made up faces and amazingly
Air brushed bodies. Instead they had the audacity to be as bold
As they could be to be themselves. Even if it meant four years alone.

When you walk across the stage at the end of the faking or living you realize
You did right by being alone or you shouldn’t have faked it because fake love
Begets faker people. Try to be amazing enough to be true. Life is better in bold

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