Two Years of Hell

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

It was 2007,
And I was nearly eleven.
My dad was becoming more and more of a drunk,
And from there,
Life simply sunk.
You see, I was about to enter middle school,
Something that I thought was really cool.
As my dad picked me up my first day,
I had nothing to say,
For all I could do was to shed tears.
What happened that day?
Something I’d never thought of nor feared.
Everyone was mean to me;
I was almost entirely without friends,
And I prayed to God that of school, this would be the end.
But I still continued to go,
And my depression began to show.
Some kids are so cruel, down to the core,
They can’t be happy without making others’ self-esteem sore.
I convinced my mom and dad to do a favor that I thought meek,
To home school me… That lasted about three weeks.
I chose another school, farther away,
“And maybe now,” I thought, “I will see the light of day!”
7th Grade
No light ever did show up,
Not even a pin-prick; I guess I just had bad luck.
I went back to my old school during that year,
And that time I knew to fear.
My dad just kept getting worse and worse.
The talks I managed to have with him before he passed out were so very terse.
For the longest time, I didn’t go to school,
Because my anger and fear had majorly pooled.
I was so sad…
And it was mostly because of my dad.
Eventually I heard from my Aunt Denise.
She said she always had room for her favorite niece.
Living with Aunt Denise, my cousin Kha’liyah, and Uncle Rick,
Gave me –in the right direction! - quite a kick.
The school there was so very small,
And it was first to eighth grade with 200 students in all.
In that school I began to get decent grades,
But school couldn’t last forever,
And so the choice I made
Was to move back in with my dad,
Whose promise to move to Georgia was a promise gone bad.
So in that summer, I made supper every night,
Or else we would all go to our beds with our tummies not feeling right.

But during that summer, we got a blessed phone call,
From my Aunt Heather, so kind and all.
I packed my bags, and my dad took me to Tennessee,

And we met Heather somewhere in between.
8th Grade
Heather brought me here to the G-A,
And here I plan to stay.
I look back over my life,
I’ve never been so happy and felt so right.
The school here is wonderful and perfect for me!
You read the beginning and now you see…
My life is troubled; my dad still has a problem,
And I live eight hours away from him.
And with my mom, I do not get on well,
But ten hours away, you can’t even tell.
I miss my mother, father, and brother,
But being here is the right thing for me to do,
And deep down in my heart,
I know this to be true.
I love my new home,
And bad times; there may be some,
But with *******, *******, ******, and Chris,
I will have more good times about which to reminisce.
So take into account the story that I have told,
And remember my hardship,
Even when I’m decrepit and old.

The End

The author's comments:
I got this from 2 crappy years of my life.

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