February 17, 2010
By SamRuble BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
SamRuble BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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I have to sneak around the block,
just to take some green outa my sock.

You think I'm livin' the wrong way,
but I'm just havin' a normal day.

Why judge my life when you have your own to live?

You worship a man in the sky,
and think if you fail, you die.

What was once a free county,
has now been corrupted by this evil.

Yet I still have my free will,
I do not wish to kill.

To grant peace to yourself and others you just have to be yourself,
if everyone was just themselves and stopped pretending to be someone their not,
then there very well would be peace.

You waste your time praising a fake,
why don't you just drown yourself in a lake?

It's very well the same thing.

Either way you will not experience life for what it's meant to be.

If something grows in the ground naturally, don't bring shame to it,
use it as a tool in life and it will expand your horizons.
Your whole thought of life will change for the better.

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