In Memory Of A Son

February 16, 2010
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While the black cars round up the driveway
The old woman recoiled with bated breath
Not this day, not this day, this was her pray
But, to no avail, they brought news of death:

“Your son whom served in the senseless war
He has---tragically died from friendly fire”

The woman let out a piercing moaning wail
“No! No! No! You—are all---liar! You liar!
Tears streamed down her grave face as she fell
O How this news was so sudden and dire

She was last seen sobbing over the funeral pall
When her son was being lowered into the ground
“I saw her---sobbing---then I watched her fall”
And it was too late by the time her body was found

“My guess was that watching the flag being unfurled
And on the casket her son’s picture being shown
Both of these occurrences was the end of her world
She must have thought, why live if living meant alone”

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