For You

February 16, 2010
For you,
I’d tear my heart in two
And leave behind
My entire mind
I’d twist and turn
And crash and burn
to say I’ve heard
At least one word.

I’d let you hear my desperate cries
to see the depths of both your eyes
I’d give to you my everything
the light is what you'll always bring
I need to know just who you are
I know it’s so very bizarre

And Seeing you will make my day
You know you take my breath away
I’ll see a smile upon your face
And time slows down, I can’t replace
I’d commit the deepest sin
for just to see you flash a grin.

I shouldn’t even want your love
I don’t blame you for lack thereof
You shrug this off like shoulder dust
It might even cause disgust
&You’ll ignore me and just walk by
And inside a small bit more I’ll die

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