Beauty and the Beast

February 10, 2010
We are dancing in the rain,
One wrong step and I feel the pain.
What started out as a soft, swift gait,
You suddenly turned into hate.
We are now spinning violently across the floor,
My eyes searching frantically for the door.
When will this dance be done,
So I will have the chance to run?

I look up to see the malicious fire that burns in your eyes,
And know that now it is time to break the ties.
The corners of your mouth turn up in a confused grin,
For even you do not know which side of you will win.
Even though your mouth is smiling at me,
Your eyes do not reveal which person you will choose to be.

Away from the crowd you lose your charm,
And inflict all possible harm.
Looking at you creates the fear,
That I taste in the saltiness of a single tear.
It was from you alone that I learned
To hold back all the emotions that inside me burned.
Have I really hid these shards so well,
That they cannot even tell?
Or do they just not have the courage to see,
How damaging you can be?
Someone please save me.

I’m sick of your game of mind control,
Your illness is finally taking its toll.
No one understands why I go back,
But controlling me has always been your knack.
The words you use break me apart in a single instant,
And yet you wonder why I have become so distant.
What can I do to make you see,
You can no longer manipulate me.
The weight of your furry will no longer bind,
The innermost layers of my tormented mind.

Through it all I still hate to see you hurting,
Please rid yourself of the beast that is destroying.
I long and search for the day,
When it will all be okay.

When I will forgive you and you will see,
In the Father I found my healing;
And you can find rest from all that your feeling.
When your mind will no longer be confused,
And those close to you will no longer be abused.

Come to Him and be made whole,
But until then I will no longer be controlled.
In forgiveness there comes peace,
But forgiveness does not come easily.

With it I am irrevocably released,
Of the chains that captured me.
Yes, my Lord has set me free.
Someone has finally rescued me.
It is no longer vengeance that I seek.

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Boulangere said...
Mar. 22, 2010 at 10:22 am
My dearest cousin, I found you and I smiled.
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