The feeling

February 14, 2010
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It's that awkward silence you feel right after a big fight
the feeling you get when your upset that your alone at night
the only moment that you wish you could secretly take back
the insecurity you hide and the confidence you lack
the only reason you write out your emotions cause your too afraid to speak
the foolish way you use your strength so nobody thinks your weak
it's the "I love you" that you long for
just so you can say you heard it before
the sound of your heart when it starts to break
the guilt you feel when you notice you've made a mistake
the nervousness that comes over you when your trying to make a good impression
the way you hold back when your afraid to ask a question
it's the way the little things are inches away from perfection
the curiosity you get when you wonder if your heading in the right direction
the happiness that you get when you finally get things going your way
the sadness you feel when you think things are slipping away
it's that wall you put up so you could never come face to face with hurt
instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve you keep it hidden under your shirt
but i could never change my mind or replace your kind
to me your more then just a face , im attracted to your mind
I would never want to adjust my view , I love every thing that makes you , you

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