February 7, 2010
By AnnaMarie PLATINUM, Maple Valley, Washington
AnnaMarie PLATINUM, Maple Valley, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Life is too short, never give up just keep trying!
Dont make someone a priorety when your only just an option.

Suicide is real,
It’s not just a game.
People who fake it,
Are stupid and lame.
They think they do,
But really they will never know,
Why we think these things,
Why we feel we must forever go.
Jumping off bridges,
Cutting your wrists,
What is the point of taking such risks?
These thoughts are very real,
They aren’t some made up story,
It haunts my dreams,
The reality is seems.
She uses a dull knife,
To feel more pain,
This isn’t something to mess with,
It all makes me go insane.

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