For Give Me My Love

February 7, 2010
By xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
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You are there,
And I am here.
We think and dream,
That we will be together forever.

But, how could I be so cruel,
By breaking your fragile heart?
I know I was mad and frustrated,
But did I have the right to do that to you?

I wish I could take it all back,
And never said we were over.
I know I caused you tears,
But how can I dry them?

I wish I could say I love you,
But how can I say it now?
I can't just break your heart,
And expect you to take me back.

I wish I could tell you how I feel,
But that would be to long to say.
How can I make it up,
To repair that tattered heart of yours?

My heart beats for you,
Thinking of you makes me smile big.
You are the reason I live everyday,
Without you I would be a waste.

When I say I love you,
It feels like the last.
When I hear your angelic voice,
It makes me forget all of my problems.

When you were hurt,
I vowed to myself never to hurt you.
But, I realized,
I broke it terribly.

I don't ever want to hurt you,
If I do, I don't know how I could live.
Please forgive my love,
Because I simply live without my love.

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