Black & Blood

February 6, 2010
the pain, the torture,
a scream and a sigh
who or what am I? a victom
a villan, he hurts me so,
i let him though
because I know why
he hits me, kicks me
spits in my eye
yet I don't even try to resist
I dont feel my pain, I feel his
clouded in the dark abyss
no choice, no words justify his crime
yet he does it all the time
why? because even though its wrong,
he has to stay strong,
hes been there for so long,
in the black of his bruise
and the blood of his scars
they pushed him too far
until he pushed back on them
he pushed away his friends
because he got what he wanted
power and respect
he became such a threat
now hes beating me to death
and im runnning out of breath
i see the light through my swollen eyes
and hear the lord say, "don't despise this man who takes your life,
he lives in pain, he lives in strife"
then I feel the knife
in my chest, and i know its over
my life, he took it away from me
but I'm not mad you see, I pity him
I know because what he has done
he won't feel love, just pain.
more and more pain, over and over again
so I wisper quietly, "i forgive you"
and thats the last thing i do
before I fade away, my life now gone
and my soul lays here
in Black & Blood

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