Just another Bloody Chapter

February 6, 2010
By jakeyboy1993 SILVER, Ashland, Kentucky
jakeyboy1993 SILVER, Ashland, Kentucky
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Sit there
Play games
Read a book
Look at a picture
Something done without thought
Eat a slice of pizza
Then lets take a trip
you dont need to get up
just sit there
See that boy
Doesnt have electricity
so cant play a video game
Never been to school
So cant read
Everything around him has been burned down
So little chance he has a picture to look at
Doesnt have anything to eat
so he doesnt eat today
maybe not tomorrow
he might get lucky
may find some rotting meat laying around
What does this boy have then
You take a look at him and say
nothing at all
Thats decent perception on the matter
But if you take some time out of your ever so important life
You'll see something
He has little to nothing
and no one seems to care to help him
But, for some odd reason
out of all the struggle and all the beating's life has thrown at him
he has, HOPE
Hope for what, I dont know
When all is lost, If you have hope
you have it all
Let me ask you
Do you have hope
If everything is taken from you
Would you have hope
or would you give up
Hope???Strange thing isnt it
But that thing, has gave way to more in life, then anything else

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