February 3, 2010
By Anonymous

it's not that i don't love you, gary
i really really do
but sometimes all the other thoughts
they get me more than blue

why did you leave me?
why did you go?
cause my thoughts right now,
well, they're really, really slow

i want to die now, gary
i want to end it all
and most of what i want gary,
will be here 'fore next fall

what was wrong with me?
what did she have?
cause i'd do anything to have you back
oh, please, won't you see?

so this is it for us now
this is the end of the line
life for me is over now
this is the end of time

The author's comments:
I wrote this three days after my first- and last- boyfriend dumped me in april 2009. so it's a little dark. =) BTW, sorry, gary, i'm not changing your name.
p.s. sorry for the crappy rhyming.

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