There for me

February 1, 2010
By vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
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You loved me for me

How could you?

my voice wasn't deep

I had no facial hair

my appearance was of a 12 year boy

my reply was I wasn't good enough

yours was of course you are

It was hard but you never gave up

pushing you away time and time again

you never left

I love you

now and forever

what you did for me no one has ever done

all the credit goes to you

we help each other

a year has past

and were still the hayden kayla squad

you say it gone by so fast

all I have are all those times you've helped me

they mean the world to me

I wouldnt trade them for anything

I need you

you need me

I ruined us in some ways




I messed up

noones pefect plus it runs in the family

I strive to do alot better

its hard not to see you as beautiful

thats just who you are

you know me better than anyone

so do I

all down to you loving kiwi

you came in my life

never left

was it fate?

I sure do think so

The author's comments:
just talking bout how my ex gf was really there for me

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