Lost Little Angels

January 30, 2010
Tiny little fingers
Wrapped around hers
A sweet little child
That she was glad she found

His beautiful brown hair
And stunning green eyes
She loved this child
Now and forever

Four years had passed
Since she brought him
That late winter night
That night she had found him
Barely breathing
And scaring her out of her mind

Four years had passed
And she still had him close
But not just him
A little girl as well

Yet another child
She had found on the street
Yet another child
She couldn’t leave
This beautiful little girl
Curls as beautiful as gold
Eyes as blue as sapphires
And skin so pale and white

This poor child
No older than four
Had been crying
And crying
For a long time
Before the young woman found her
“Mommy’s gone”
The young girl said
Tears staining her face
“She won’t come back”
She added
With no hope in her eyes

The young woman held her close
Her son standing next to her
She whispered quietly
“Let’s find her together”

Her son smiled
And held out his hand
The little girl looked at him
Then took it

It had been a few months
And they had heard no news
The girl’s mother had just left
And vanished without a trace
The young woman had taken her in
So much kindness in her heart

The little girl and her son
Both her children now
Had grown very close
Very much like siblings
And had been happy
Everything was good
For she had helped out
These lost little angels

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