All About Me

January 30, 2010
I like to laugh
Love to cry
Careful now i might just lie
I hate to be untrusted
Dislike all the haters
Who constantly tell me
Who i should hang with
And who i shouldn't
All i have to say to them
Is kiss my @$$
I'm filled with doubt
And am kinda paranoid
But don't take my word
Ask those i know
They'll tell ya i am too
Do i choose to be hated in this life
No, i choose to be loved
But the loved end up being hated
By those who can't love
Or don't wish to love
Thus is the life
Of an innocent child
With a corrupted mind
Believe what you wish
Ignore what you choose
I am not one
To make you decide
For you live your life
And i live mine
Shall i say more
Or do you think
I've said enough
You can decide

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