Teen Embers

January 28, 2010
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I miss your lips,
soft and reassuring,
as they press against smooth skin
of cherry cheeks, fair hands, forehead,
or our Eskimo kiss repose
of nose against nose.

I miss your hands,
slightly callused, as a man's,
moving gently, as the best of them,
leaving traces,
a hint of natural scent.

Your arms wrapped around me
as a shield from the hurts of the world,
and I shuddered in the safety,
I sighed from the peace of this sanctity,
I wondered, and plead an answer from your chestnut eyes-
could anything be better than this?

My head resting against your chest...
Together, our eyes drifted,
displaced by time as usual, we were.
The corners of my mouth curled upward
ever slightly
as you whispered
ever softy
that you love me.

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