Lay Me Down

January 27, 2010
By KlsyDsmnd SILVER, Mandeville, Louisiana
KlsyDsmnd SILVER, Mandeville, Louisiana
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Lay me down,

My head at rest,

With thoughts and dreams,

Of the very best.

Send my troubles,

To a far away land,

With prince and prnicess,

All mighty and grand.

Let me dream,

Of what shall be,

The greatest things,

You shall ever see.

My heart still beats string,

As I close my eyes,

But as morning dawns,

They will come alive.

An alarm clock to the left,

And a bear to cudlle,

One night light that glows,

And glows like no other.

Lay me down,

Until sun's rise.

Lay me down,

Through the night.

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