why did you have to leave me?

January 26, 2010
Why did you have to go, and leave me feeling like so?
Do you even know?
That you broke my heart?
That you ripped it apart
And left it in two?
Waiting for someone new to come along…
I was just looking for someone to love me
And show me that I’m beautiful…
Everyone always tells me how pretty, and beautiful I am,
But actions speak louder than words
And people may tell me
But to be honest, I don’t see…
It would be a lie if I said I didn’t try
Every day I try..
I try and see what everyone else sees
And all I see is me, just starin back at me
Honestly that’s all I see…
Now that you’ve left me,
I just don’t see
Any reason for me to be…
Without u I’m lost
Lost without a cause…
And all because of you..
I hope your happy
Knowing that you broke my heart,
Knowing that you looked me right in the eyes and lied to my face
You really put me in my place
But I have to move on,
Before all my sanity is gone…

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