Sincerly, Me.

January 24, 2010
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Dear Jill,
I feel as if we’ve been loosing touch.
You’re my dear friend, and I’m not so sure
If I’m ready for goodbye.
Time is passing and it’s been so long.
Saying farewell doesn’t seem so right.
We were partners in crime,
Now you’re leaving me to do the job
Oh my dear friend Jill, what should I do now?
Who will I call when nothing seems right?
Will you still be there and make everything seem all right?

Dear Jill,
I feel as if we have lost touch.
You were my dear and I was not ready
To say goodbye.
Time has passed and it’s been awhile.
Saying farewell was never right.
You were my partner in crime,
Now I’ve been doing the job
For years.
Oh my dear old friend Jill,
If only we could go back to those day
Where you knew what I should do
And you made everything seem right,
Then everything would be all right.

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