Memories Left On Scars

January 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Looking in the mirror
As I pull down my shirt
Ignoring the fact that the blood might stain
I hold my knife tight
Feeling my tears run down my face
I wash off the blood
Then carefully put it away
I feel the pain hurt more and more
But at least it takes my mind off of things
I sit on my bed leaning against my pillow
While turning up my music to block out the memories
The next day I go to school as if nothing happened
Ignoring the pain that still hurts from last night
I no longer cut my wrists, just my side
Because I grew tired of my friends looking at me different
So I am different, that I can't help
Just don't ignore me and make it worse
Yes it's true I went through the stage
Wearing the large bracelets to hide my secret
Also believing my friends could help me
But that I learned was wrong in a game of truth or dare
Once the words left my mouth
I got a different stare
Friends don't always no what to say
There is always the usual "Why" or "You need to stop"
They all sound the same bet never help at all
After that I never mentioned it again
I waited awhile then move to a new place of skin
I began to hurt my side with my usual pocket knife
Hoping one day I would find a friend
One to save me from these dreadful nights

The author's comments:
I feel like my life was going down a spiral hill and i could not seem to get happy and i decided to let out my depression out in poetry.

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