Things that will be Remembered/True Friend

January 24, 2010
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True friend

She is the person who makes me feel confident
In the most awkward situations
The one who helps me to feel strong
When I think the world is against me
Who is there even when I don’t need her
And is always there when I do
The one I stay up with to talk to till three in the morning
And the one to wake me up before the sun comes up
But most importantly
The one I can count on for anything

She is the one I share all my memories with
The good and the bad
The one I share my future dreams with
The realistic and the unrealistic
And the one I share my life long goals with
The possible and impossible
But most importantly
The one I will share my love with forever

She is the one who inspires me to do my best
And is there for me when I do not succeed
She supports me
Even in the worst situations
And is right by my side
During the best times in my life
But most importantly
She influences me to try at everything I do

She is the person I come to for advice
The one who is there to laugh with me when something is funny
To be there to hug me when I feel like crying
To help me when something is troubling me
And to lift me up when I feel like dying
But most importantly
The person who will be there for me till the day I die

Moments that will be Remembered

The times when my parents try to wake me up in the morning
My dad by tickling me
Or my mom by just shaking me a tad
And lying with me until I wake up
Or even just those simple phone calls after school
These are the things I love the most

Walking in the house after school
And seeing my puppy become antsy and excited
Awaiting the moment when I open up his crate
And seeing him sprint to my feet
These are the things I love the most

Sitting with my sister in my room
Listening to music
Stuffing as much food into our mouths as possible
And us laughing hysterically at each other
For not knowing the words to the songs we are trying to sing to
These are the things I love the most

Walking into my brother’s room
After a long night
And talking till around 1 in the morning
About anything and everything
Seeing our relationship grow
From twins to best friends
These are the things I love the most

The simple laughs shared at the dinner table
The moment a joke is told
The huge smiles I see on all their faces
After my brother has said something stupid
And the way my dad just sits back and listens
To what crazy things we have to say while we are eating
These are the things I love the most

Looking at my moms bright smiling face every morning
Hearing my dad’s jokes being told each day
Watching my carefree sister enjoy life
Seeing my brother becoming more than just my brother
And seeing my puppy’s tail wagging faster and faster as I get closer
These are the things I love the most

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