Affected by Nothing

January 24, 2010
By Akelix BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Akelix BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
I do not care what you think of me. For whatever I can say to you, will not change your mind of me.

Every day, I sit at midnight.
I meditate to myself, what might move this universe,
If my love were to leave from life?
So I sit and I think. For a towering time,
Do I think. And much materializes to me.
I realize that in this world, I would deprive so much from it.
One very large lodestar of light, that limitless legions of lost souls follow,
Would wither from worlds. A friendly face,
In that flood of fury, would, fortitude fade.
Those who wishing of the worthy, the one who has been there,
Through a transcendent total,
Would vanish.
So why rid the regiment, a reputation which offers so much?
Though the atrocious agonies that were awarded in my life, attained in such astonishingly
Appalling ways, and tote tears to my eye, and thoughts of leaving till the termination of time.
But, why not use them
To cancel cataclysms left in this cup that never seems to be
Half full when humanity hollers it to be? I… me… I will be the one to stay, and fill your cup.
Give those who need it, and those who don’t, that one small cloudless celestial sphere in life
For them to carry and to cherish; as where I was given none,
I give glamour to be a guide, away the gate of such gull.
Even if, I do not resemble a related poison,
I will be here, for any, and for all
Who may think they thought that no throne thinks of them, or wants them,
I will be here to see them, and hear them, and want them, as everyone needs someone.

The author's comments:
This was a boast we had to write in English, everyone loved it.

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