Across The Desert Plain

January 21, 2010
By Dominguez BRONZE, None, Michigan
Dominguez BRONZE, None, Michigan
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A screech of horror escaped
The lioness cub’s furry lips
As a fierce orange emanted
Across the desert plain

The cub struggles to get away
From the bush she once called home
But her short legs carry her only a little
Across the desert plain

The simmering malevolent flames
Seared the cubs golden backside
As she slowly sprinted
Across the desert plain

The cub kept tripping
Over her sagging belly
As she tried to escape the engulfing hotness that’s
Across the desert plain

The bright flames obliterated
Everything in there path
As the cub horrifyingly ran
Across the desert plain

And as the cubs home
Erupted into a single flame
She had finally passed what she feared, which was
Across the desert plain

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