Cadillac Confessions

January 23, 2010
By Girl_Interrupted SILVER, Nope, Massachusetts
Girl_Interrupted SILVER, Nope, Massachusetts
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a bottle of 151 in hand
the three of us adventurers downtown
a pact of loyalty
secrecy for a night of pleasure
true love remains lead foot and passenger
the lone soldier along for the ride
still we soar together
completely in sync
the hard breeze stings my face
brakes squeal
we blindly follow our path to our place of mystery
we climb the cage that holds our many sins
bloody hands as expected
we strip of our cloaks of artificial innocence
individually we fall into the bath of immoral actions
each baptized with the imperfections of another
our existence freezes, time insignificant
we remain free in this moment
the water a barrier from all adversity
we ponder our unrestrained thoughts
an interview with temptation
daylight sheds over our filthy identities
we ascend from our bath of transgressions
instantly we restrain ourselves with cloaks unforgiving
with lingering feelings of freedom we fall back into reality
we approach our machine of wisdom and understanding
moving towards the flare of sensibility
preoccupied with thoughts of our next encounter with corruption

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