Beaufort Scale

January 16, 2010
By Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
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I am still as dead.
You hate me...
the heat gets to your head,
but useles is your fit.

i walk up to you.
you aknowledge my slight mien
i guess i payd my due
at theis very scene...

i give you a kiss.
you smile with a little blush
with joy to reminice,
my heart begins to rush

I start to dance.
you clap along my side
i get lost within a trance,
i want to be your pride

i get faster, faster,faster!
you go on clapping, claping, clapping
my feet are now my master
the flags on flagpoles flapping

I get stonger,stronger, stronger!
your clapping starts to fade
you decide that you no longe,
feel my comfort - you're afraid.

My mind is gone now.
ive tangled in your hair,
it brings wory to your brow
but im too lost to care

perhaps im crazy!
but youre a total mess
your vission has gone hazy,
you cannot run ..i guess...

Should I be blamed?!
you hide beneeth your hands
but now i cant be tamed
consumed within my trace

you can se the mad within my eye.
youre not brave so hide! or run!
i pick things up i make them fly,
than reduce them close to none

i laugh and you can hear my laughter
you, now as well as mad
might you forgive me for hereafter
shal develop a scene so sad

Oh! In anger i grow!
you've stopped clapping as i see
thought you had me long ago
but my powers set me free.

I scream, I roar, I sing with thunder!
you cant hear me...
you, as well as six feet under,
berried under world's debree

i calm, I hush, sigh.
oh dear what have i done?!
i kiss you and i say good bye,
my anger not undone

this world im doomed to travel.
to repeat my mistakes
for afection i so grovel
only to get aches

But sometimes on lone nights,
i sing my saddest song
under the forgiving lights
and i feel ill get along...

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