Forget You

January 19, 2010
Don't forget me!
I don't want to get lost up there in your silly head.
I just want you to HAVE to look at me and know that YOU let ME go.
With every diss after the bliss, after every kiss, we had shared, I want you to remember how now I'm not there.
When you're wondering what I think, well your gonna keep wondering.
I'm not there anymore to babysit, comfort, love, or help you.
You made your choice.
Now I'm making mine.
We've went our ways.
If you hate me so much, then just walk away from your mess, as usual.
I mean it's not like your ever going to change.
Just don't excpect me to be there when you need me the most.
You weren't there when i needed you the most.
As a matter of fact, you took advantage of me when I needed you the most.
I was young and you were just another stud.
You get what you give.
Now you want me back, along with 15 other girls.
You swore you've changed.
I know better now.
I've found something better, something new, something very far away, from you.
I'm embarrassed to say we've ever been anything more than friends.
You're a nuisance and an embarrassment.
You have no purpose in my life anymore.

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