I'm dedicating blue

January 19, 2010
By nlu2005 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
nlu2005 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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I’m dedicating blue

Blue is that soft color of the sky,
mixing with the clouds.
Blue is the lonely experience of sadness,
breaking your heart and turning you glum.
Blue is the scintillating personality of the deep blue ocean,
with its depth beyond measure.
Blue is the inspiring blue wings of the blue butterfly,
daintily meandering through the air.
Blue is the melodious song of the blue bird,
soaring through the cold, crisp, winter air.
Blue is the immense blue whale,
swimming slowly through the vast sea.
Blue is the hard color of the sapphire,
its rich shade putting its surroundings to shame.
Blue is the soft flowing Nile,
its gentle curves coordinated with the uneven land.
Blue is the saccharine taste of blueberry ice cream,
its flavor lingering on your tongue.
Blue is the mere beauty of the blue iris,
its petals radiating life.
Blue is the commonality of denim,
sheathing the human with its cloth.
Blue is the discord in art,
the abstract and different.
Blue is honor and self-assurance and poise,
and ignominy and insecurity and eagerness .
Blue is only one dull shade,
the same boring relentless blue…no.
Blue is azure and cobalt and navy and
and cerulean and indigo.
Blue is alive, it’s changing and it’s never the same.

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