Where I'm From

January 19, 2010
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I’m from airplanes and motorcycles
From art projects and spray paint
From bobby pins and ribbons
I’m from the playhouse in my backyard

I’m from “be who you want the world to see you as” and “you should wake up every morning smiling”
From a father and mother who would do anything for me
From warm family welcomes to cold distant stare-downs
I’m from the place in Colorado we visit every summer

I’m from falling asleep to music every night to waking up every morning with the birds singing
From driving around to look at Christmas lights to Halloween decorations
From warm laughs around the fireplace to cold salty tears on the window seat
I’m from every place my family has ever traveled to

I’m from trying to learn how to read from ages 5 to 9 to closets and shelves full of unread and re-read books
From making s’mores around the fire pit to swimming till dawn
From riding a bicycle to a motor scooter
I’m from my Grandma’s house

I’m from “we are so proud of you” to “this is unacceptable”
From studying all night to making a “C” the next day
From reading therapy and P.A.C.E. to help me learn to read to tutors two or three times a week
I’m from the waiting room in the office

I’m from black SUV’s and white BMW’s
From landscapers to yard workers mowing the lawn grass every Tuesday morning
From my mothers diamond wedding ring to her 10th anniversary earrings
I’m from loving parents

I’m from spaghetti casserole and chocolate ice box pie
From baked chicken three times a week to pork chops the other two
From expensive wine and ice cold Dr. Pepper
From cakes and flowers to Ben&Jerry's to Blue Bell
I’m from my own home

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