Black Cat

January 19, 2010
By mdivietro12 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
mdivietro12 BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Black Cat

“Close up Camera One,
The hero sings in this scene
The boy that gets the girl gets to go home, where they get married”

Wind gushes through the windows
Hair in our faces
Erin, Lauren, Anne, and I singing loudly
Driving anywhere the summer would take us
The beach, a concert, someone’s back yard
Sun shines down on us
Darkening our skin, lightening our hair
Flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops replace spring attire
Day fades into night as we wave goodbye
To another precious day of summer

“You're like a black cat with a black back pack full of fireworks,
And you're gonna burn the city down right now
Whoa, whoa”

We run bare foot through the streets
Giggling and laughing
We confuse our flip-flops
Darn those black old navy sandals that each girl owns
We stay up late
Sleep is of no importance
We catch fire flies and lay in flower-filled fields
Because you’re never too old to keep lightening bugs in a jar
Day fades into night as we wave goodbye
To another precious day of summer

“She said get your hands off of my star,
It's not your part but all your fault
And this jealous actress has a habit,
Of making things sound way too tragic”

Capinari’s ice cream and freeze-pops- dessert of the season
We sleep in through breakfast, sometimes through lunch
Morning routine- wake up, get ready, go out
Barely home, always gone
We soak up every precious second of the sweet, sweet summertime.
As the song Black Cat, blasts through our stereos
The anthem of our summer is not going anywhere
But the vacation is
Day fades into night as we wave goodbye
To the last day of precious summer

“Oh, close up Camera Two
`Cause the hero dies in this scene”

The author's comments:
I used song lyrics that jogged a memory of summer and every other stanza was some lyrics from the song "Black Cat" by Mayday Parade

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