Holding On For Dear Life

January 18, 2010
By snelson05 BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
snelson05 BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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Holding On For Dear Life

The crisp air whistles through the trees,
Glowing orange pumpkins guard every door.
The dark eerie night seeps into the morning,
Clouds open and the sun struggles to peel through.
Masks attached to every person,
Holding on for dear life.
The glitter trickles down to the cold floor,
Begging to come back.

Numerous costumes,
Front’s facades,
Distinguishing real from fake remains impractical.
Every word a knife,
Each sentence a death.
The image, the look, the attitude,
Impossible to attain.

A bubble I live in,
No real questions, just answers.
Every breath flows through my body,
I feel the hateful, the dishonest, the fake.
I am brainwashed, what I see, what I believe,
Is it really for me,
Or for them?

Just a mask,
A perfect, beautiful, yet unmistakably wrong masks,
Pounding into each child, swarmed in lies.
Revealing the necessities,
Technologizing every human being.
It is just a costume,
Not meant to be worn every day.
Lights flashing, a crowd stampedes,
Bragging and preaching,

Filling minds with lies.
Pictures hanging, movies rolling,
The crowd sees all.
Money making minds,
Passion tucked away for good.

Fame, glam, and success,
What is the definition of success anyways?

The clouds are now closing,
Will we get out in time?
We are just the glitter,
Needed to be ripped off the mask,
Floating away, drifting into the unknown,
Rubbing off on anything in out path.

No substance exists,
All costumes need release.
Allow eyes to see and faces to connect
Break out from the shell,
It is a new beginning

Let the media, the cruelty, and the surreal nonsense die.
Help the honest survive.

The author's comments:
I started this piece two years ago on a scrap piece of paper. I was in my Contemporary Issues class when we were discussing the ways of society. I finally had the chance to continue this piece this year in my Creative Writing class. I want everyone who reads this to get something different out of the meaning and be able to personally relate to the poem. Thanks for the time.

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