The Dragon

January 15, 2010
By Xanatos BRONZE, Colton, California
Xanatos BRONZE, Colton, California
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I hear the Dragon’s call, I see me when I fall.
There’s something underneath; the sword goes in its sheath.

“I just don’t understand; I really want to land.”
This Dragon’s flight I feel; A hopeless cause ? I kneel.

A shadow and a flame; a wondrous hidden name.
A sighted sign I see; a hidden cause is me.

I feel the weight around, I hear a distant sound.
I wonder how I’ll find, the sight of soul and mind.

The Dragon lands once more; Its impact shakes the floor.
The Dragon roars It’s shout; the birds flutter about.

The Dragon’s soul within, Its loss of kith and kin;
And all because of men. the Dragon soars again.

And now I wonder why, the Dragons had to die
To please the fools of Earth? Let this be my rebirth!

The author's comments:
I don't know how this poem came about, every now and then a thought will come in my head, and if I'm near the computer, I'll go with it.

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