/*Twas The Night Before Christmas MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   ATwas the night before Christmas

We all were asleep,

Not one family member

Was making a peep.

The stockings were hung

On the mantle by tacks,

The candles were burning

Melting their wax.

My sister slept soundly

And I didn't, for

She woke me up quickly

With her monotonous snore.

I stared out the window

Watching snow fall,

And then looked up above

Hearing a call.

Observing the scene

My gaze rested high,

For Santa and reindeer

Flew past in the sky.

I picked out each reindeer

To match with its name.

Rudolph, my favorite,

Was heading the gang.

I heard every noise;

My ears were alert.

One elf, I took note of,

Was officially named Bert.

As the little red object

Flew out of my sight,

I heard feet on the roof

That cold, winter night.

From the window I tiptoed

And into the hall.

I watched for Kris Kringle

As I leaned on the wall.

Out of the chimney

And onto the floor,

He laid out our presents

While I watched from the door.

His eyes twinkled merrily,

Red was his nose,

And from his black pipe

Smoke gently arose.

Red was the color

Of his traditional clothes.

When he glanced up at me,

I instantly froze.

He smiled and laugh

And whispered "Hello."

I waved in return

To the world wide hero.

I helped him work quickly

At his dutiful task,

And when he was finished

He then ate his snack.

He thanked me and turned

But stopped in his tracks.

I understood and led

St. Nick out the back.

He scaled up the wall

That big barrel of cheer.

I requested a sleigh ride.

He said, "Maybe next year."

He drove away quickly

His sleigh was in gear.

Escaping from his lips

Was "See ya next year."

I awoke at this point,

Still seeing the team,

But then I realized

It was only a dream.

I rubbed my eyes here

And looked straight ahead,

Focusing on the image

At the foot of my bed.

St. Nick stood in front of me,

Like in the dream I just had.

I laughed at the figure

And said, "Nice suit, Dad!"

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