a letter of love

January 14, 2010
By Anonymous


I never believed in angels, than God
led me to you.

Now every moment I look into your
eyes, all my dreams come true.

I can’t help that I loved, my gorgeous
Eden swan.

The day I knew I loved you, was the
Day I saw you cry.

What wouldn’t usually faze me?
with you, made me want to die.

I will do whatever it takes, for those
tears to never fall again.

Because I know that’s what it truly
means, to be your best friend.
I can’t help that I loved, my gorgeous
Eden swan.
And I can’t help that I die inside, every
time you’re gone.

Everything about you, will always inspire

To open myself to you, and let my heart
be free.

As I stare into your deep green eyes. And
nuzzle your long red hair,

There’s no doubt inside my heart that
you’ll always be there.

I know that if I ever need to reach out
for a hand.

You’ll be there right by my side, until
the very end.

So I’d like to say that I’ll love you,
until the end of time.

But alas, you don’t exist, for you’re my
true hearts wish in the back of my mind.

With all my love,


The author's comments:
this is a piece straight from the bottom of my heart.... my true feelings in the written word

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