5 Years

January 13, 2010
By AubreyLynea BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
AubreyLynea BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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I can't believe it has been so long
5 years come and 5 years gone
I miss you so much what can I say
I always seem to dread this day
I hate to think about it
It hurts so much
Why can't you be here with us
I hate to think that you were taken away
But grandpa I miss you so much to this day
I know you are with us in our hearts
But right now it doesn't seem good enough

This was my grandpa's..
Because of the hurt
I wish you could still see me grow
All the things I have accomplished
I know you would be proud of me and let that show
I missed you on the day I graduated from school
And the things I have done you would love to know
I have become like you in so many ways
With cosmetology and such I just want to say thanks
You were such role model and inspiration to all
You taught us so much in so many ways
Especially in Christ we should follow
You mean so much to me I thought you should know
But grandpa I just can't let you go
I miss all the things you'd do and all the things you'd say
Oh, pappap why did you have to go that way
It seems like a nightmare I should wake up from
But I've tried for 5 years
And I can't seem to realize you will never come
Half a decade has gone by
And I still ask and wonder why
You were the very best of anyone I've known
Pappap really why did you go?
I never cry unless I think of you
And when I do I'm alone and I don't know what to do
I know I should be happy for you
You're pain free, with God and Jesus and happy as can be
But I still feel so sad when I can't say your name
For when I do it's just empty space
I know you're in my heart
And that is where you'll stay
I hate to let this poem end this way
But if I carry this on I may just burst
So I will close with "You hang up first"

The author's comments:
Francis Buck DonGiovanni
4 December 1923 - 16 July 2004

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